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The MDHS staff works diligently to provide the knowledge and research required for investors to see and trust our vision when we present opportunities to passively or actively invest in Real Estate.  Our goal is to educate investors on the Detroit area and pair them with our investment opportunities in a way that satisfies our mission to stabilize neighborhoods in the Detroit area.  We source capital throughout the world; below are two common strategies our investors have taken with Metro Detroit Home Solutions:

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- Purchase a turn-key home from MDHS in a Detroit neighborhood, creating a strategic investment.

- Partner with MDHS to purchase and manage multi-family properties throughout Metro Detroit.

It is our mission to provide capital and development services to investors creating stabilization within communities throughout Metro Detroit.  We aim to reduce foreclosures in the Detroit area through strategic investment by encouraging affordable and attainable home ownership to bring appreciation back to Real Estate in the area once again.  The key to revitalization in any city lies within the Real Estate market and it is our goal to not only improve teh market in Detroit, but create stability as well by providing strategic investment opportunities to help the city in its revitilization efforts.


Traditional investments have been a risky play since the Real Estate market has seen a decline.  At MDHS, our models provide investors the chance to apply traditional investing to the Real Estate market, without the traditional risk.  With each investment, the Real Estate market becomes more stable and surrounding neighborhood property values rise.  As the value of each neighborhood rises, so does the investors returns.  An investment with MDHS is not just an investment, it is a vision, which stabilizes the market and yields maximum return, all the while creating a better Detroit.

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