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"This city was built around people coming in, entrepreneurs from all over the world, because there was opportunity, because of the car industry, because of manufacturing. We need to encourage entrepreneurs to come back in ... because the only way the city is going to come back is through business."


"Our land-use issue is something we've got to come to grips with quickly. We've always had the attitude here that we'll just trash something and move on ... We need to develop our urban areas and protect our green spaces."


"We selected Detroit for a number of reasons. I think it's the most affordable city in America [given] the cost of real estate and the number of individuals who are unemployed or underemployed and interested in working in IT. We'd been talking about finding an alrternative to going offshore, inside the U.S. The cost structure in Detroit is within 5% to 10% of the cost of outsourcing to a place like Brazil. ... It's only an hour-and-ten-minute flight to our clients in New York. ... There are also outstanding unior colleges and universities in Michigan. They all have very good IT departments, but 50% of their grads leave the state. ... We're seeing a clustering of IT in Detroit: You've got us, Quicken Loans, Compuware, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. ... The experts in Detroit-- programmers, project managers, business analysts--will be building the health care IT platforms of the future."


"Too often people dwell on thte past, rather than recognizing that the comeback of Detroit--the entire reinvention of Detroit and Michigan--is [already] in process."


"Everybody says, "Well, we've seen this story before." The difference is that this is post-bottoming-out. You never had a bottom. I think Chrysler and GM filing for bankruptcy--that was pretty much it, right? When you combine that [recovery] with those of us who are pushing a change to the cultural foundation, and the governer [on board]--it's really a formula for something special to happen."

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Quotes courtesy of Forbes Magazine. Saving Detroit. The Conversation. JoAnn Muller. June 29, 2011



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